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      Market demand for pyridine hydrobromide

      News Source:http://www.gokeoc.com/ ; SendDate:2019-11-12 16:32:09 
          Pyridine hydrobromide, also known as Pyridine pyrimidine Pyridine hydrobromide.It is commonly used as the intermediate of cefothiazine, cefpiprin, ceftazidine, etc. It is also sometimes used as the additive for paper making.It is a kind of medicine intermediate which is widely used.
          Pyridine hydrobromide is a strong acid system, which requires high acid resistance of the equipment in the production process and is difficult to produce.Nevertheless, the demand for pyridine hydrobromide is still very strong in both domestic and foreign markets.Based on the market demand, domestic production of pyridine hydrobromide pharmaceutical plants are also increasing.The reasons are as follows.
          First of all, pyridine hydrobromide is an indispensable raw material for the preparation of pioneer mycin drugs.The action of cefothiazine is mainly used to fight infection, such as: cefothiazine is used for sensitive bacteria caused respiratory tract infection, skin and soft tissue infection, urinary tract infection, biliary tract infection, chest cavity infection, etc., also can be used for meningitis, sepsis, pleurisy.Moreover, it is particularly effective against e. coli and is used in many drugs for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, and pyridine hydrobromide is used in the natural preparation of drugs.
          Secondly, the domestic synthesis of pyridine hydrobromide is becoming more and more mature.Industrial production of pyridine hydrobromide has become a major trend. The raw materials used in the production process, such as aldehyde, ketone and ammonia, are the basic raw materials of bulk chemical industry. These raw materials are in sufficient supply in China with low price, which are conducive to the synthesis of pyridine hydrobromide and provide a basis for mass production of pyridine hydrobromide.
          In addition to the above, low cost is also a major reason for the strong market demand for pyridine hydrobromide.Due to the continuous progress of production technology, the synthesized pyridine hydrobromide is not only environmentally friendly, but also the operation process is becoming more and more simple, which greatly saves the production cost.Thus it is easier to achieve the goal of low cost and high output.
          After years of process optimization and equipment adjustment, nanjing shunxiang factory can now provide high purity and high quality pyridine hydrobromide.The equipment and facilities used in the production of nanjing shunxiang meet the requirements of environmental protection, and can provide the best safe storage and transportation conditions.For details, please refer to www.sunxiangchemical.com. If you are interested, please contact Tel: 025-86819868, E-mail:sales@jinchemical.com.
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