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      Application of p-hydroxyacetophenone in cosmetics

      News Source:http://www.gokeoc.com/ ; SendDate:2020-1-2 10:14:13 
          P-hydroxyacetone, which also called 4'-Hydroxyacetophenone in English, and commonly known as fir phenol, it would be White acicular crystals, combustible and easy to dissolve in hot water when it is at room temperature. It is a natural plant extract, which exists in the stems and leaves of Artemisia annua, Artemisia annua, Rhizoma Scopariae and the roots of Ginseng and Erythrina.
          Poor quality preservatives are harmful to our skin, and they even can cause allergic reaction when we use them frequently. So the preservatives which in our skin care products and cosmetics must be mild in nature and stable in composition.
          P-hydroxyacetone is the safest high-temperature auxiliary active stabilizer in the pharmaceutical industry, there are a lot of skin care products and cosmetics said that there are no preservatives in their products, in fact they just use p-hydroxyacetone took place of preservatives, because p-hydroxyacetone is a multifunctional cosmetic raw material. Besides, it is a choleretic drug with very low toxicity and very stable composition. It has synergistic effect with other preservatives. It is also an important intermediate in drug synthesis. In cosmetics, p-hydroxyacetone has broad application prospects.
          Nanjing Shunxiang as a company which has 20 tears?? production history, it can provide high purity and high quality p-hydroxyacetone, a great number of researches and practice accumulation makes Shunxiang could meet your demands better, more details please visit website www.shunxiangchemical.com, if you want to cooperate with us, please call 025-86819868??and send E-mail to sales@jinchemical.com??
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